Club 700 Hoy

  • Club 700 Hoy

    CBN introduces the new Club 700 Hoy Spanish-language television program.

    In its 60th year of broadcasting and with more than 40 years of Spanish broadcasting, CBN's Club 700 Hoy presents inspiring stories, interesting interviews and valuable insights to the growing and multigenerational Hispanic family in North America.

    Hosts Roberto Torres-Cedillo and Jessica Datsko invite viewers to see the incredible influence Hispanics have in society. The programs include human-interest stories and riveting interviews with professional experts who speak relevantly to the multifaceted culture in the United States.

    Each episode features stirring stories of compassion in action, exemplifying the generous spirit of Hispanics to help people in need.

    Through real-life stories of personal transformation and in response to reports on the power of faith, Roberto and Jessica encourage viewers to have hope and experience the reality of a brighter future.

    The one-hour weekly television series invites viewers to respond to the programs via chat, phone or on social media. Club 700 Hoy aims to foster a powerful community that is able and willing to be part of the solution for people in need.

    Club 700 Hoy is recorded at the CBN headquarters in Virginia Beach with the support of a wonderful production team of bilingual staff and freelancers working throughout the United States.

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